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Reasons and Explanations: Respond to International Transparency Organization to sanction slaughters in June 4th involved in Panama Papers(2)



1.     Mainland in China

(1)   Victims of 64 Massacre refusing to be forgot: Next year will be 30th anniversary of 64 Massacre. With the time passing and economy strengthening, the 64 accident and their victims would have been run into risk to being forgotten as TianMen Square Mother. One of the best way to refuse to forget is “Respond to International Transparency Organization to sanction slaughters in June 4th involved in Panama Papers”.

(2)   The Harvest of slaughters in 64 Massacre:

In 2016, Xiaolin Li, the daughter of the slaughter Xiaopeng Li appeared in the list of Panama’s Paper[12]. In 24th December, 2017, the slaughter’s son also entered into the CPC Central Committee [5]. It shows that the CCP not only refuse to redress the 64 accident but also directly deter and intimidate the Chinese people [5]. Therefore, we should take some appropriate actions against the determent and intimidation: the Chinese not only refuse sons of the slaughters in the 64 Massacre into the highly leadership but also want the CCP to know the price to shot again [13].

(3)   The dissents in Mainland: The CCP often uses various means to deprive economies to make a basic live from dissidents; for example, they  such as revoke the lawyer''s certificate of human rights lawyer Muqing Mou[14]. Therefore, we should also respond appropriately in an economical manner.


2.     The ultimate destination of corrupt money overseas

Since there aren’t democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in China, huge amounts of corrupt money were and will be token into abroad by corrupt officials with a systematic human rights catastrophe left in China; human rights catastrophe are always accompanied by an endless amount of horrible toxic foods, environmental pollution and huge amounts of overseas money.

Thus, we deeply hope that these corrupt money should be returned into the Chinese after china become a free and democrat country. After all, these corrupt money are earned through the Chinese babies drink poisoned milk and the Chinese eat poisoned rice with heavy metals.


3.     International

(1)   Global Stability: Maya Forstater, a visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development and a researcher on business and sustainable development, pointed out that [15]: “IFFs connected with corruption, crime, and tax evasion are an issue”. In 2017, Sabeen B., a Senior Associate, Financial Crimes Advisory in AML RightSource [10] also said that IFFs pose a dire threat to US and global social, political, and economic stabilization[10]

(2)   the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act”[6][7]

   On 17th Dec. 2015, “the Global Magnitsky Act” was passed in the United States Senate[6][7].

The Global Magnitsky Act authorizes the president to block or revoke the visas of certain “foreign persons” (both individuals and entities) or to impose property sanctions on them. 

People can be sanctioned (a) if they are responsible for or acted as an agent for someone responsible for “extrajudicial killings, torture, or other gross violations of internationally recognized human rights,” or (b) if they are government officials or senior associates of government officials complicit in “acts of significant corruption.”

In 2017, Canada and England passed the similar laws.

Now, similar bills are being considered in Europe, Australia and Taiwan.

In a result, the Chinese overseas, including survivors of the 64 Massacre, should morally support them and welcome them to pass the bill.

(3)   The CCP''s dangerous autocracy model:

In recent years, the powerful CCP has used the “one Silk road belt and one Martime road” as a cover to export tyranny and undermine democracy[16]: While outputting infrastructure, they also exported economic corruption, environmental pollution, human rights abuses, and authoritarian autocracy just like in China. The most typical example is North Korea: In 2016, two nuclear test explosions were carried out by Kim Jong-un. However, the trade between China and North Korea continued to increase; Moreover, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank helped North Korea launder money [17]. In May 2018, the CCP took North Korea as a bargaining chip directly to negotiate trade with the United States [18].


4.     Summary

We are so happy and proud that since 2010, China has become the second largest economy in the world.

The people in China and other countries in the world have also been patiently expecting the CCP to improve human rights with the economic development. Unfortunately, however, the CCP has not only failed to do it [19], but has systematically reversed. For example, the restoration of the tenure of the national president and the son of June 4th Li Peng entered the CCP Central Committee.

In history, Hitler’s dual economic and military rise not only brought heavy disaster to the people of all ethnic groups, but also brought a devastating blow to the German nation itself.

Now, when so many countries in the world have joined “One Belt One Road”, we are full of doubts: Is China''s dual economic and military rise a Hitler-type disaster or a flourishing harmony like Tan Dynasty?

Therefore, we are firmly convinced that “response to the International Transparency Organization, sanctions on the 4 June killer and their family members” can bring peace, freedom and democracy to the world. Because economic development has a high correlation with liberal democracy [19][20]; at the same time, liberal democracy is closely related to world peace [21].


7. Appendix: Chinese Democracy Party Overseas:

Respond to International Transparency Organization to sanction slaughters in June 4th involved in Panama Papers

 In 1989, the Chinese university students called out “anti-corruption”, demanded democracy and press freedom [22]. Unfortunately, however, on 4th June, thousands of students and civilian without arms were slaughtered on Tian An Men Square. 

Since then, families of victims and their sympathizers have been symmetrically intimidated and any information about 4th June was symmetrically blocked in the internet[23][24].  

Every day and every night, the peoples play on Tian An Men Square so happy. It seems that the 4th June Massacre have never happened.

Though blockade and intimidation, the highly officials of the CCP and their families have assuredly transformed corruption into the large-scale looting [25]. 

After 28 years later, in the early April, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) have disclosed their partly looting secrets. Panama papers have 214,000 offshore companies with over 11.5 million detailed data. And majorities of Panama Papers’ clients are the dignitaries and the rich men from Mainland and Hongkong, including XiaoLin Li, the daughter of Pen Li who was the former Chinese Premier[27]. 

The Panama papers with a world-wide scandal resulted in the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland and a Spanish Minister and also induce that Department of Justice US will initiate a criminal investigation.

The CCP government still adopts the usual ways to block the information and intimidate the people. And then Panama Papers never exist in the world [24][25].

However, behind the enormous data of Panama Papers, there are thousands of victims and their families, especially including 4th June Massacre. 

Moreover, the CCP government have also arrested enormous sympathizers, including the human right lawyer ZhiQiang Pu who commemorated 4th June accident in private and Guang Chen who is an artist of 4th June accident.

Since 4th June accident, the CCP government have seemingly believed that intimidation, suppress and information blockade can completely solve all of Chinese corruption and pollution.  

Therefore, we call on the international communities to respond to Transparency International Organization for the systematic investigation. We should stand by the victim and then prosecute and sanction the slaughters and their relatives who are involved in the June 4 tragedy. To do so, we can freeze related capital accounts in Panama Papers[6][7][26] to compensate for tragedy victims in the June 4th incident.

We believe that these sanction and these freezing are the same important as the proposal which was raised by the finance ministers in G20 that prevent the use of these entities from corruption, escaping, financing terrorists and money laundering [3][4][28].


04/06/2016, drafted by Henggeng Wang

Australia Division, Committee of Chinese Democracy Party overseas


8.     References


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