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Against dictatoship, somebody needs some knowledge equipment/Henggeng Wang


 Against dictatoship, somebody needs some knowledge equipment/Henggeng Wang

The article was published in: http://blog.boxun.com/hero/201302/culturetheory/3_1.shtml


Part One Some Cases:

Case 1: On December 12, 2012, Keji Li, a professor in Peking University, PhD mentor, claimed that it is fine for people to drink milk with melamine because human have a strong power of detoxification capacity.

A month later, Xianguo Wu who was removed from office due to Sanlu milk powder incident (Shijiazhuang Municipal secretary), comeback as a deputy head of Hebei provincial government Rural Work Leading Group.

Case 2: Bin-Xing Fang, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Principals of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He is a key of the primary designers of China Great Firewall (GFW), Internet Censorship System. Mainland is divided from the world. In essence, it is a closed-door policy just like Qing Dynasty and the Cultural Revolution era. The government wants 1.4 billion Chinese to become stupefying.

Case 3: Dongdong Sun, an associate professor of School of Law, in Peking University, Director of Forensic Center, an expert of Judicial psychiatry. In April 2009, Sun said to a reporter of "Newsweek" in an interview: "about old petitions, I responsibly say, maybe not 100%, at least 99% have mental problems. They have paranoid disorder. Several words have made countless petitioners put into the mental hospital, which are lawful or reasonable.

  Part Two: Anti-dictatorship, somebody needs some knowledge equipment

The above cases are only a small representative group of evil academics who support dictatorship of the CCP to suppress the people and provide a lot of absurd reasons. There are countless cynicism and evil scholars support dictatorship.

The above are very common in economics, politics, sociology, psychology, law, philosophy, and even mathematics. The vast majority of scholars keep silent in public, but they scold the CCP a lot in private. Once somebody protest or dissatisfy with the government, he/she will quickly be suppressed by the government (for example, me Heng-Geng Wang and Peijian Wang were forced into the mental hospital). As for Chinese scholars overseas, most of them have been bribed by the government at different levels.

I was in University over 20 years and I have a lot of experience.

Today, modern society is highly specialized, highly comprehensive and is quite different from the old era when the people rise up.

In fact, as professors in university, they know about problems of democracy, economics, environmental pollution, etc. clearly than anyone else.

For example, after toxic milk accident in 2008, China Central Television said that it is hard to measure melamine. I asked a teacher, Department of Chemistry, in South China Normal University. He answered my questions with several words and let me understood. He also said that even his students have the ability to determine the content of melamine in tainted milk. However, the vast majority of them kept silent in public.

If you talk Chinese problems with most of Chinese officials, Chinese overseas (including Chinese students), sometimes they defend for Chinese officials and they say that there are too many people in China and China is too big. The tone is basically almost exactly the same. Sometimes, they importune so much that some Chinese are quite angry, "I no longer talk politics with you ".

Even overseas, some democrats can not tell the difference between the socialist countries and communist countries. Once talking about Marx, they say that "this ghost make Chinese miserable." In fact, Marxism and Stalinism are completely different, just like that Christianity and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom are totally different.

Thus, democrats overseas should unite conscientious scholars together to publize and populize some knowledge.

Scholars in Mainland have a lot of academic exchanges with other countries. They as an anonymous can publish their professional articles in overseas to help Chinese.

Moreover, some democrats need know fundamental knowledge of certain subjects to help Chinese understand the present china and predict the future china.

To fight against dictatorship, we need all kinds of people. The Bible also says that each limb has its own magical effect.

Thus, to fight against dictatorship, we need more generalists which requires some knowledge equipment. Once if generalists are not too much, they maybe do not do good enough, but they must be great.

Here, I introduce a few books to colleagues. These books are scholarly works of modern academics, most excellent in the world, and written by the best scholars, and easy to understand. (See Appendix)

Part Three. Digression: Article, "2013, Chinese Jasmine will soon blooming"

(see http://blog.boxun.com/hero/201302/culturetheory/2_1.shtml)

The article only has about 4200 words but the content is extremely rich. I use history, sociology, social psychology, politics, economics, the United States Declaration of Independence, Declaration of French Revolution, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, large materials in Wikipedia; all data are authority as much as possible. The article is divided into 6 independent parts, but the article is seamlessly and cross-checked.

The social revolution theory (resource theory), is integrated from the three revolutionary theories.

I put forward the principles of justice "repentance and amend for reconciliation…The persons full of stubborn and heinous crime will by cursed by the Chinese…like hunting Nazi war criminals. The curse is never stopped, until you are judged under the name of the law.”

The idea comes from "truth for peace" in South Africa, the trial of Nazi war criminals, Eastern Europe changes history, the Bible and theory of justice written by Rawls. After overthrowing the dictatorship, this idea is also conducive to recover tens of trillions of dollars in illicit funds by corrupt officials. These illicit funds are from the facts that 1.4 billion Chinese people drink tainted milk, is exchanged by the souls of the dead over 6000 primary and secondary students in the Sichuan earthquake, ....So after recovering these money we can comfort these souls.

Part Four. Appendix. Some books

1.       Politics, written by Andrew Haywood….After reading this book, we can tell the difference between autocracy and democracy, dictatorship and freedom, socialism and Stalinism. You can avoid to importune with fifty-centizen;

2.       Economics, written by Samuelson. This book is the most famous in the world…. Sometimes, It is quite difficult for you to understand politics if you do not know economics. To read this book, it is better if you know mathematics.

3.       Social psychology, written by Aronson….After complete reading this book, you will suddenly understand the world better.

4.       Sociology, written by David Puno…..We can understand the world from the viewpoint of function, conflict and interaction.

5.       Jurisprudence - legal philosophy and its method, written by Bodenheimer,…

6.       Before the law: Introduction to the legal process, written by John Bonsignore. To fight against dictatorship, you must know a little law.

7.       The theory of justice, written by John Rawls….

8.       A Global History, written by Leften Stavrianos

9.       Historical Outline of the Chinese, Yang Bo….

10.   The history of Qing Empire by Cambridge, The history of the Republic of China by Cambridge, The history of People''s Republic by Cambridge,…

About history: we should know what is true in the past in order to understand the present, and then we build a better future. To the contrary, once the past is concealed, the present is also deceived and the future will be ignorant.


              Henggeng wang in Melbourne, 21/02/2013


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